Donington Park International – 2014

After the fun we had at Spa with the ForFour it was decided that we would race it at Donington Park and at the same time, invite members of the to come along for the day.

The car had also had further work done on it after Spa and was running 255BHP and 300ftlb of Torque on the Dyno prior to the meeting.

Qualifying did not go too well, only putting 4 complete laps in as the car was now over boosting and going into safe mode, although Rob still did not qualify last on the grid with a 1.32 lap, faster than a Megane.

Tony worked his magic, remapping the car prior to the race making sure it would not over boost and come the race everyone was positive.  The race was a rolling start and after the pace car drove into the pit lane, the race started. Rob flew and took 3 cars going into Redgate, only to find that the car had gone into neutral and would not select any gear at all. Coasting down Craner Curves he managed to pull of the race track completely and upon opening the bonnet, found the gear linkage had come away and so managed to put it back on and get the car going again.
Coming back onto the track Rob, was by now, nearly 4 laps behind and so started his crawl back up. Getting faster each lap, Rob was able to put a fastest lap in of his Class with a 1.30.23, but being so far behind, managed to at least gain a lap on Andy in the Porsche in the same class, but was still 3 laps behind at the end. Even though Rob was so far behind, it was still great to see the car had the pace, handling and braking of other cars not only in its own class, but with other cars of the class above.

Although disappointed, it was felt that the day was a success, as it was a good run out for the ForFour and with its next outing in two races at Snetterton on the 18th October and all the little quirks overcome; the car should be a force to reckon with.

Our thanks to all those from the ForFour.Co.Uk that came to support us on the day and hope that at Snetterton, we will endeavour to put on two better races.

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