Snetterton – 2014

Went out with a little bit of trepidation having only crashed there just 2 weeks previous, but as the weather was dry, started to put in some good qualifying times. Towards the end of the session, the car felt light on the front end and so when we got back and checked a locking nut had come undone and so was allowing a bit of play making the car squirm under braking.

We realised the steering arm may have started to undo so adjusted the Toe by eyesight which turned out just a little bit too much. With the race imminent we weren’t able to go and test again so the only time we knew whether we had adjusted the car right was on the track. Unfortunately we had adjusted it a bit too much and ended up with the car over steering on the left hander’s making for some butt clenching moments as the car wanted to turn under itself. We still beat a Jaguar to the finish but was disappointed in the times as we knew we could quit easily beat last years.

Next round at Silverstone and with the car now set up again and producing more power than last year we are anticipating a good weekend.

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