Snetterton 300 – 2015

After testing at Snetterton previously and with still no Driver lined up for the ForFour it was felt that a season with Rob driving the ForFour would be better and so a decision was made to lay up the 451 for now and race the ForFour.

Usual Snetterton Race day, it was raining in the morning as the car was checked over prior to going out in qualifying. With the AD08’s fitted Rob was confident he could put in some good times in the torrential rain as these tyres give so much grip and confidence in the wet for a road tyre.

Rob put in 6 laps in qualifying and towards the end put in his fastest lap giving him a position on the grid of 22nd out of 37 ahead of some really fast cars and the team were very happy with the way the car went and the Quaife Differential making such a difference in the way the car manages to perform and handle.

During the day, the weather changed and as the track started to dry out the tyres were changed to the A048’s and last minute checks on pressures etc were made prior to the race itself.

A rolling start for the race and weather dry, Rob was in a confident mood to better the mornings qualifying and in no time was in the midst of things battling with various BMW’s and Porsches as lap by lap Rob started to increase his position.

By the time of the compulsory Pit Stop, Rob had gained at least 3 places and with a good Pit Stop with John and Graham on hand and the car running perfectly it was only a matter of finishing the race and trying to gain more places in the process.

At the end of the race Rob finished 17th Overall, winning his class and getting Fastest Lap of 2.21 in his class too only 11 seconds a lap slower than the fastest cars out there which is quite an achievement. The car ran superbly and looking at the cars Rob managed to beat in the process it’s looking good for the rest of the season.

Further development work is being undertaken and hopefully more power by the third race at Brands, if not by Spa in June at the latest.

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