Snetterton 300 (Test Day) – 2014

Was out testing the 451 at Snetterton on the 27th March and was going great, putting in faster times than last year, even though it was slightly damp. The new adjustable Front Wishbones have made a big difference and are running -2 degree camber on the front now and certainly felt better in the corners having also had the car set up by Walton at NISPRO. Unfortunately the track got damper in the afternoon and was enjoying myself battling with a Porsche until I lost the back end going onto the back straight, thought I had got it back until she went away again and before I knew it was hitting the steel Armco backwards, flipping me over too. Taken to the medical centre and checked over all okay, I got back to our garage to see a poor sight of one badly smashed 451 race car. We loaded it onto the trailer and went back to the workshop. On the Friday I phoned Smart requesting a lot of parts and because of the help they give us, they were able to get everything in I needed including a new Axle and windows etc for that afternoon. Between Andy, Jonathon, Paul and myself, we spent 8 hours rebuilding the car that evening and then loaded it on the trailer again for testing on the Saturday at Bedford.

We took both the 451 and the new ForFour race car to Bedford, the 451 to test everything was straight and running well, which it was and the ForFour to test the new Bilstein suspension and Yokohama tyre set up we have put on it. Surprising a lot of people on the track that day we came away happy that we had done a great job in rebuilding the 451 and very happy that the ForFour is handling better than it was when we first got it.

Race weekend for the 451 is this weekend 13th at Snetterton and we are so looking forward to being out there and hoping it will be dry.

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