Snetterton 300 (Test Day) – 2015

We took both the 451 and the ForFour up to Snetterton for the Pre Season testing on the 300 circuit for this year’s CSCC Modern Classic Series we are entered into for the 3rd season now.
The day was typical Snetterton with it raining most of the day and then dried out towards the end of the day. The morning consisted of 30 minute sessions which Rob took turns in taking both cars out and the afternoon was open pit lane, so again Rob took turns taking each car out to test in the varying conditions.

The 451 was just to run it as it was towards the end of last season with no real further modifications being made to the car except to make sure everything was still all okay. In the wet, the Yokohamas work so well that confidence is immediate with the feel of the car straight out of the pit lane. The 451 ran its usual self, putting in consistent fast laps and so was not run too much during the day except for trying it out in the varied conditions Snetterton always seems to throw at us, with just changes in tyre pressures to suit the track.

The ForFour has had some major work undertaken over the winter with a fully Shot Peened and strengthened gearbox box with a Quaife Differential fitted to enable us to put the power down better out of the corners. Bilstein made further changes for us with the suspension and different anti roll bars were fitted along with a rear diffuser.

In the wet we have decided to use the Yokohama AD08R tyres for their ability to give so much grip and with the new differential fitted the car took some getting used to, but after a while Rob mastered the way the car now pulls and started to put in some good wet times in the low 2.50’s. As the track started to dry out later in the day and with a new set of Yokohama AO48’s fitted it was felt that it would be an ideal time to scrub them in ready for the first race in 2 weeks time. Again, with the immense grip of these tyres and the differential and suspension mods, the car flew putting in regular 2.23 laps on the 3 mile circuit and at the end of the day Rob and the crew were happy with what they had achieved with just a few further tweeks to be made back at the workshop before the first race of the season, being at Snetterton on the 300 circuit

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